Prices for commissioned work will vary according to size, content and number of sittings if working from life. If it is not possible to meet with the subject I will work only from photographs as long as they are of sufficiently good quality. I would be happy to advise on pose, lighting and background content regarding these. The following provides a basic illustration of pricing for paintings ranging in size from 15 x 18 inches upwards:

Pastel, charcoal, graphite and watercolour portraits:
Head and shoulders -From $375
Half length including hands - From $425
Full length - From $525
Pet portraits - From $275

Miniature portraits:
All subjects - From $300

Prices are for single portraits on a relatively simple background. For more complex backgrounds (e.g. landscape, buildings, interior etc) an additional 30-40% would need to be added.

Quotes can be given for family and group portraits as well as other subject matter.

All prices, except for miniatures which come in bespoke miniature frames, do not include framing. Paintings will be supplied with a double mount.


john good